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What To Say On An Award
What To Give For An Award

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I don't know what to say on an award. Can you help me?

Most people include the following information on an award:

1) name of the award &/or the reason the award is being presented
2) recipient's name
3) date that award is being presented
4) name of person, company, or organization that is presenting the award


Firefighter of the Year
Presented to
Middlesex Fire Dept.
August 12, 2018

Of course, there are many variations on these rules depending upon the situation or event surrounding the awarding of the plaque.

  Choosing the right award

   We all love to be recognized. Each of us wants to know that we’re a valued part of an organization, that we’ve done a good job, or have achieved some success in academics, sports, business, or other field of endeavor.

   Giving recognition is a powerful means of rewarding effort, saying thanks, building loyalty, or encouraging higher performance. Tangible awards, such as plaques, trophies, and personalized gifts have all proven effective in showing recognition, even better than cash or gifts.

   FireAwards.Com will help you match the perfect award to your achievers. We offer ideas and examples of awards that recipients will be happy to receive and proud to show friends and family.  

   It’s important to select the appropriate kind of award. To best do this, you must be aware of its purpose.

What do you want the award to do?

  • Show gratitude?
  • Recognize membership?
  • Mark service or dedication?
  • Encourage achievement?
  • Reward accomplishment?
  • Do you prefer to emphasize the activity, contest, or competition for which the award is given—or the group giving the award?
  • Do you want to create a common bond or mark someone for distinction?
  • You can symbolize the achievement itself, highlight your organization’s identity or match the personality of the recipient.

    In deciding whether to give a plaque, trophy, pin, desk accessory, or other item, keep in mind that an appropriate award is:

  • Representative of the accomplishment
  • Attractive enough to keep in the recipient's home or office
  • Consistent with the purpose and image of the organization presenting it
  • Right for the activity and the level or importance of the achievement
  • In line with the organization's budget
  • Well crafted with quality materials

Award Tips

What To Say On An Award
What To Give For An Award

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I couldn't be happier with this flag holder. My dad was a forest fireman and became chief for our town. They do not acknowledge these men except by a funeral guard, sad to say. He risked his life ... read more

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