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Fire Service Center Seals

c952M Star Of Life with Hook & Ladder
c975 AIFF Symbol
m902 FD Honor Maltese Cross
m900 FD Vigilance
m902c FD Maltese Honor
c162b Fire Engine On Blue
c159 Fire Engine On Gold
c162 Fire Engine
c256 Fire Engine Antique
c873 Antique Fire Apparatus
c938 Antique Fire Engine
c901 Hook & Ladder Shield
c986 Thin Red Line
m872e Fire Engine On Blue
m872p Fire Engine On Gold
c170a Crossed Axes
c172 Ladies Auxiliary
c200 Volunteer Fireman
c184 No. 1 Hook & Ladder
c185 No. 2 Hook & Ladder
c192 Helmet Hook & Ladder
c193r Helmet Hook & Ladder On Red
c193b Helmet Hook & Ladder On Blue
c194 Helmet Hook & Ladder with Bugle Plain
c195r Helmet Hook & Ladder with Bugle on Red
c195b Helmet Hook & Ladder with Bugle on Blue
c196 Helmet Hook & Ladder & Crossed Bugles Plain
c197r Helmet Hook & Ladder & Crossed Bugles on Red
c197b Helmet Hook & Ladder & Crossed Bugles on Blue
c180 Bugle Plain
c181r Bugle On Red
c181b Bugle On Blue
c182 Two Bugles Plain
c183r Two Bugles On Red
c183b Two Bugles On Blue
c174 Two Crossed Bugles Plain
c175r Two Crossed Bugles on Red
c175b Two Crossed Bugles on Blue
c176 Three Crossed Bugles Plain
c177r Three Crossed Bugles on Red
c177b Three Crossed Bugles on Blue
c186 Four Crossed Bugles Plain
c187r Four Crossed Bugles on Red
c187b Four Crossed Bugles on Blue
c188 Five Crossed Bugles Plain
c189r Five Crossed Bugles on Red
c189b Five Crossed Bugles on Blue
c170 Two Axes Plain
c171r Two Axes on Red
c171b Two Axes on Blue
c168 One Axe Right
c168a One Axe Left
c169r One Axe Right on Red
c169ar One Axe Left on Red
c169b One Axe Right on Blue
c169ab One Axe Left on Blue
c190 FD Plain
c191r FD on Red
c191b FD on Blue
m1702 Rank and Seal
m1761 Rank with Seal
c254 Fire Police with Seal
m1755 Active Service Years
m1759 Years Service
c129 Rank Seal
c131 Rank Seal
c961  Fire EMT Justice Seal

Fire Service Center Seals

Fire Service Center Seals

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I couldn't be happier with this flag holder. My dad was a forest fireman and became chief for our town. They do not acknowledge these men except by a funeral guard, sad to say. He risked his life ... read more

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